Johan De Wit

Johan De Wit (° 01-12-1968) graduated in law at the K.U.L. in Louvain in 1991 and obtained a special degree in social law at the U.L.B in Brussels in 1992.

He did practice as a lawyer-trainee in the lawfirm Grégoire in Brussels.
Today he is a member of the Antwerp Bar and of the Malines Bar.

Besides being recognized as a mediator, he is also a deputy justice of the peace in Boom.

Since the beginning of his career he built up an expertise in the areas of insurance law, traffic law, civil liability and accidents at work. Together with Me. Patricia Maeyaert he is in charge of the Insurance department within the association, where they are assisted by Me. Filip Willems.

Finally he is a member of the editorial staff of Newsletter Auto, as well as being a co-author of Newsletter Insurance of Kluwer.

Languages : Dutch (native), French (active), English (active), German (notion)

Coordinates :

Justitiestraat 26
2018 Antwerpen
(Antwerp office)

Klaterstraat 76
2830 Blaasveld
((Malines office)

Tel. : +32 3 203 40 00 (Antw.)
Fax : +32 3 225 28 81 (Antw.)
Tel. : +32 3 888 33 79 (Mal.)
Fax : +32 3 844 34 51 (Mal.)
Mobile : +32 477 59 77 90
E-mail :