Thibaut Mottie

Thibaut Mottie studied at the University of Antwerp and graduated with distinction in 2017. During his master's degree, he specialized in business as well as international and European law.

Subsequently, Thibaut Mottie attended Swansea University in Wales, UK, where he completed with merit his LL.M. in International Maritime Law in 2018.

Since September 2018, Thibaut Mottie is part of the firm, where he completes his traineeship with Mr Adry Poelmans.

Thibaut Mottie focuses on cases in international commercial law, specializing in transport law (maritime, inland navigation, road transport, air transport, intermediaries, storage and handling of goods). He also takes a great interest in the automobile sector, in the broadest sense of the word.

Thibaut Mottie is currently a member of the Belgian Association for Maritime Law.

Language skills: Dutch (native language), French (active), English (active), German (passive).