Objectives of the law office

The target of Van Doosselaere Advocaten are all types of enterprises. In order to offer an efficient solution to business problems, careful attention is given to the personal contacts with clients so that a clear picture can be obtained of the desired objectives.

Depending on the needs of the clients, their file is handled by specialists on the subject, under the supervision of a contact person. We feel that this way of operating best allows us to offer competent and customised solutions. The bonding agent of the law office is made up of a combination of common targets, working methods and knowledge and data systems that make it possible to coordinate (cross-border) activities and to offer our clients a constant and top-quality service.

The clients can call upon other Belgian and European law offices with which cooperative agreements have been concluded. This provides for immediate evaluation and monitoring of the legal consequences of a cross-border opportunity.

Main areas of practice

- Maritime Law (Claims & Responsabilities)
- Transportation Law (Claims & Responsabilities)
- Business Procedures
- Special Business Contracts (Distributorship Agreements, Agency Agreements, Franchising)
- General Commercial Law
- Customs and Excises
- Corporate and Company Law (Articles of Incorporation and Agreements, Mergers and Acquisitions, Due Diligence, Conflict Regulation)
- Insolvency (Judicial reorganisation, Bankruptcies, Restructurisation)
- Responsability and Insurance Law, bodily dammage
- Civil Law (rent, purchase, construction law, general agreements and family law)
- Real Estate Law
- Financial and Banking Law

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