Simon Boons

Simon Boons studied at the University of Antwerp where he obtained his master’s degree with distinction. During his education he specialized mainly in business law and criminal law. In 2015 he completed his degree with a European master’s program at the Freie Universität Berlin, where he further focused on (international) commercial law.

Simon Boons has been affiliated with the Antwerp Bar since 2016. During his traineeship he gained experience in commercial law (in the broad sense), criminal law and general contract law.

Simon Boons is a lawyer mainly active in corporate law, real estate law, (commercial or standard) lease and criminal matters.

As a lawyer, he focuses on private as well as professional clients.

Languages: Dutch (native), French (active), English (active), German (active).

Tel. : +32 3 203 40 00 (Antw.)
Fax : +32 3 225 28 81 (Antw.)
E-mail :